About the Committee on General Scholarships

Harvard University’s Committee on General Scholarships and the Shelden Fund was established in the early 1900s as Harvard’s only university-wide scholarship and fellowship programs office.

The majority of the Committee’s programs are funded with income from Harvard endowment funds established specifically for this purpose as a result of gifts to the university. Most of these scholarships and fellowships are restricted to students who meet specific eligibility criteria established by the original donors.

The Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Its formal members are the Deans of the graduate and professional schools at Harvard University, and of Harvard College, or the representatives whom they designate. CGS and its sub-committees meet regularly throughout the year to review applications and select scholarship and fellowship winners. Peggy Newell, Deputy Provost, is Chairperson of the Committee. The day-to-day business of the Committee is overseen by its administrative staff. Kelly O'Shea serves as Director, Rebecca Lock as Assistant Director, Lisa Bruzzese as Coordinator, and Colin Henderson as Staff Assistant.